Is EssaysCapital Reliable? Our First Impression
First impressions always count, and given that we’ve seen so many websites of writing companies so far, our instincts are pretty sharp. The website is as basic as it can be, and it’s not simple and easy to use. It’s more basic than we would expect from a company claiming to offer professional writing services. There are plenty of tabs to explore, lots of text, that at times can be a bit distracting from the purpose of visiting essay capital website. Writing Service

Services Offered

This is an important factor in deciding whether you like a writing company or not. Our review is focused on listing all the services provided.

Essay Capital Writing Service List

  • Custom essays (in all fields, complexity and level of studies)
  • Authentic term papers
  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation writing

While it may not seem like an extensive list, they are focused on providing high-quality papers in their areas of expertise.

The Pricing Policy

If you choose a 10-day deadline and ask for an essay in the Art field, with standard quality, the standard price would be $19.99. This price goes up, if you want to go for Premium Quality. The page price then would $21.99. If you go with the Platinum Quality the price per page for the same essay would be $23.99. The tighter the deadline, the higher the price. After thorough checking, we weren’t able to find any discounts for either loyal or new customers, which was disappointing given that the prices aren’t the lowest.

History of the service & current feedback from customers

This is one of the writing companies with a long history. Established in 1997, they had plenty of time to establish themselves as one of the best writers out there. The feedback itself rates them as pretty standard writers, without hating or praising the company. While customers opinions matter, they do vary to the point where some customers of essays capital are extremely happy with their service, while others are slightly disappointed.

Our own experience

Our own experience tells us that this is an average writing service, that might satisfy the average student who may not have the highest expectations. Since they take pride in providing the best essay services, we decided in order to give a reliable Essays Capital review we would order our own essay. The entire experience was okay. They took a bit longer to respond, but they took in our request. The essay was beautifully written, however, they didn’t pay attention to some of the most obvious mistakes that can be seen on first glance. The quality is also okay, but not as fantastic as we expected on the Premium Quality level. It seems as is it would be more Standard Quality, and not so much Premium. Given that you pay extra for more quality, it would be expected that the essay would be error-free.


Overall, Essays Capital is a decent writing company, but whether their writing will meet the expectations of your professors can’t be determined. With mixed feedback from customers, and our own, average experience, it’s safe to say that they are an okay company with a lot of room for improvement, especially in today’s competitive market, where students can easily find better writing services.

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